Open Your Eyes to Prague

We live in Prague. But we constantly discover new things in our beautiful city.

It's a city of layered sights, textures and enormous beauty.

And, we love to explore like first-timers.

Even if you've lived here all your life, there is always something new and impressive to see and experience. Not only the regular stuff.

Prague Castle Gardens
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What about you? Will you take the same path like everyone else?

We hope not!

Anyone can walk the beaten path from Old Town to the castle.

But what about all those other parts of the city? What about all those sights that even impress us, the locals?

Explore, Sleep, Explore

The Ultimate Basics

We all need some basic help when visiting a new city. Thankfully Prague is easy to explore quickly.

Bring the Fun... What to See and Do

What will you want to do?

Sightseeing tours are of course very popular. And, they are a great way to help you save time and energy.

To help, we've gathered a few recommended city tours. Maybe you'd consider taking a relaxing river cruise.

Or how about zipping over the cobble stones on a Segway?

These are just a couple of fun daytime activities that might spark your interest.

Of course, our nightlife is just as varied and fun as its visual attractions. From the State Opera and the stunning National Theatre to our bars and beer culture, you'll want to consider all facets.

Wallenstein Garden statue
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Get into Czech Republic

But, maybe you are asking yourself questions about our country, Czech Republic?

Where is Czech Republic? ... What is it known for? ... What are the people like?

No problem, we will introduce you to our beautiful Czech Republic and our culture.

Did you know Czech Republic is... considered part of Central Europe and Prague is located further west than Vienna... AND... as a whole, we drink more beer per capita than any other country?

These are just some of the facts you'll learn about our country.

We will also prepare you for a real Czech experience. Get ready for local Czech food and easy Czech phrases to prepare yourself for all things Czech.

You'll soon realize that our country is much more than the beauty of the capital. It's layered in a rich history with interesting traditions and an inviting culture.

We welcome you to Prague, Czechia!

Warning... you may not want to leave!

Malostranske namesti Prague
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