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What are the best hotels in Prague? This is a fun and challenging question. A complete list would be massive, but let's start with a few of our favorites based on specific categories.

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Of course the word "best" is entirely subjective, so we try to cover a variety of hotels  here -- from a little romantic inn snuggled behind Prague Castle to the hip design hotels in Old Town.

These are places we would love to stay! Our best of the best hotels in Prague. Oh, by the way, these are small lists of just SOME of what we consider the best hotels in Prague. By no means is this a comprehensive list - just a head start!

Best Hotels in Prague by category...

Lokal Inn

Lokal Inn - great location and atmosphere

Romantic Hotels in Prague

The best hotels in Prague can also be the most romantic, quiet and hidden places. That's our take on this category. We like romance that isn't associated with the big crowds of Old Town or the typical hotel choices. We prefer the delicate, serene areas that warm our hearts with atmosphere.

Hotel U Raka PragueThe authentic and quiet Hotel U Raka

For example, the picture here is of the rustic and authentic Hotel U Raka. It's more of a lost cottage hiding away (yet not far from Prague Castle). To say it's charming would be a huge understatement. Inside you'll find fireplaces, warm wooden tones and a tranquil little garden. For us, it's the perfect honeymoon spot.

Another discreet gem of a hotel is the Residence Monastery, not far from sights like Loreto, Strahov Monastery and Prague Castle. We like their interiors, the views from some rooms and their isolated green area inside - an excellent combination of things.

The hotel could be closer to Old Town, but given the hidden nature of it, we think it's well worth a booking. And, an evening walk through nearby Petrin will certainly enhance your romantic mood.

Of course, any discussion about romance and the best hotels in Prague has to include the Golden Well Luxury Hotel Prague. This is one of the best in Prague hands down.The highly awarded Golden Well is also located near the castle hidden away on a little street where almost no one goes. Still, it sits only a few minutes walk from the castle and Charles Bridge. The Golden Well, or Hotel U Zlate Studne as it's called in Czech, fits all those classic luxury descriptions  -  first-rate, one-of-a-kind... etc.

Now, let's break from the charm of Lesser Town for the more active Old Town. With Prague's Old Town comes romantic hotels that have a taste for design and modernity as opposed to charm.

For example, let's look at the Buddha Bar Hotel. It's a luxury Prague hotel with entirely original rooms a certain VIP feel - and the decor is absolutely impressive with rich tones and sensual splashes of color here and there.

Another Old Town spot to mull over is the Ventana Hotel, not so much for its style, but for its sheer practical comfort and location. It also comes highly recommended and the immediacy of Old Town is right outside. The main square of Old Town is literally about is 50 steps from the hotel.

Small Hotels

It almost goes without saying... some of the best hotels in Prague are some of the smallest and most inviting.

These are the ones that don't bother with large branding and advertising. Instead they rely more on word of mouth, simple hospitality and down-to-earth comfort.

Red Chair Hotel PragueRed Chair Hotel Prague

Often some of the best small hotels in Prague are family owned and operated. don't have to give up location or service.

For example, you can choose from the heart of Prague with the Old Town Square Hotel which has only 10 rooms.

Or, consider the cute and well received Red Chair Hotel Prague.

Not only is this a fabulously quiet spot, with only 15 rooms and reputable service, it comes highly recommended.

Now, if you want the small hotel charm to fit a tighter budget, then we suggest taking a look at Hotel 16 Prague. It's a bit further from the main Prague attractions, but you're almost guaranteed a good night's sleep while saving money. There's good reason it's often known often on the web as, "a great find."

Design Hotels in Prague

This is one of our favorite categories.

As much as we love the old world charm of Prague, we rather like the exciting paths design can take us down. It makes giving marks for the best hotels in Prague all the more fun AND challenging.

Maximilian Hotel PragueMaximilian Hotel Prague

Prague's new collection of design and boutique hotels pushes typical accommodation to unknown places, creating new questions for us to explore.

For example, how do design hotels fit into the historic streets of Prague without looking out of place? The answer, unfortunately isn't always, "very well." But, there are a few hotels that we find quite exciting - making them some of the best hotels in Prague.

Let's start, by looking at the Hotel Maximilian Prague. The Maximilian combines so many good things at once, it's tough not to like. The hotel occupies a quiet location (2 min walk from Old Town Square) and fits into the immediate area with great subtlety. It's absolutely NOT a modern eye sore. Instead inside and out proves to be rather refreshing.

From the Maximilian let's jet over the river to Malá Strana and find the fun Vintage Design Hotel Sax. Yes, that's a long name for a hotel but it's thankfully long on good vintage and design. Plus, its clever style never outweighs the services you'll receive.

If the Sax is too eye-popping for you, then head to a slightly removed area just south of Malá Strana and consider the Red and Blue Design Hotel Prague.

The Red and Blue is known for its quiet rooms, stylish elements and just good "old fashioned" comfort. They also have a sister hotel near Wenceslas Square, but we like this area a bit more. Need more choices? Read more about boutique hotels in Prague.

Discount Hotels in Prague

Just because Prague is a gorgeous and thriving capital doesn't mean you can't find a good deal. We like to look around the areas just outside the historic center to find a few budget and local hotels.

For example, check out areas that aren't in Prague 1. Hotels located in the rings outside this main district are likely to offer cheaper rates.

Areas like Nusle (Prague 4) near Vyšehrad Castle, Žižkov (Prague 3) just west of Wenceslas Square or Smíchov near the metro station Andel are all worthwhile areas to stay.

Basically, the farther you go from the city center and historical sites, the lower the prices. But here's the other benefit... many visitors don't realize that staying outside the main tourist zone of Prague sights doesn't mean you have to forfeit comfort. Actually, a place like Aparthotel City 5 Hotel Prague in Prague 5 (Smíchov) might convince you to never stay in the historical center again. That's because, hotels like this add a "local" value to your stay while still being relatively close to all the sights.

Remember... Prague's metro system is excellent. The metro, combined with a variety of trams, allows you to broaden your hotel search considerably.

The search engine Hotels Combined is a fantastic tool that can help you choose specific hotels by district. 

Check out their maps too for specific locations relative to Prague 1.  We recommend areas such as Prague 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10. Of these, Prague 2 has become a popular choice for many visitors with easy access to the city and plenty of good dining options. Within these districts you should consider neighborhoods like, Břevnov (Prague 6), Dejvice (Prague 6), Holešovice (Prague 7), Karlin, Vinohrady (Prague 2) and Vršovice (Prague 10) to name just a few. If you find a gem in one of these spots or just need help searching for something, please let us know. The best hotels in Prague don't always have to be expensive and central.

For more discount hotels read more here about finding a cheap hotel in Prague.

Hotel Disclaimer

Our suggestions for the best hotels in Prague are based solely on our opinions and our personal research. We do visit each hotel that we recommend and attempt to find out as much as possible about what you can expect when staying there. But, unfortunately, we aren't able to stay at each one.

The various links on this page that go to outside sites are here to provide you with further valuable information and an opportunity to make a booking.

Sometimes we do make a small commission when you book a room through the links on this page. This money allows us to continue to bring you more free and useful content here on My Prague Sights

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