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Are you planning a trip to Prague? I hope so, because I'm excited to share this wonderful city with anyone willing to listen. There's so much to discover and explore here - and I can't keep it all to myself!

Actually, after years of working in a hotel, I noticed that tourists kept asking the same questions and visiting all the same places over and over. Repeat.

So, I started this website to answer as many of those questions as I could and inspire people to discover more. It's my mission to give you confidence to plan, explore, and to eventually feel Praguewise.

In a way this is a typical tourist guide. But, in many other ways it's a push to be different. Either way, I hope you will find it helpful.

Now, let's get exploring together!

What to See and Do in Prague?

My brain feels like it will explode if I try to list everything to do in Prague. 

But, here's my strategy - depending on how much time you have here of course.

Take a day or two to see all the main attractions like the castle and Old Town. After this time you'll likely be tired of all the tourists. So, take a day to just go local.

Whatever you do, make it memorable. Do something that speaks to you, or do something totally different. Otherwise, you'll go home and your memories will be mostly of beautiful architecture, and the crowds of tourists.

Exploring Charles Bridge in Prague

Of course, the city is alive at night too. So if you're not too tired try a little nightlife. just as varied and fun as our visual attractions. From the State Opera and the stunning National Theatre to numerous bars and Czech beer culture, you'll want to consider all facets.

if you have to sleep...

I think finding accommodation in Prague should be fun and exciting.

Because in Prague you can book a hotel or apartment that will add to your traveling experience. Honestly, I think this aspect of booking accommodation is really overlooked.

For example, wouldn't you want to stay in a historical building from the 16th century? Or maybe you prefer a special boutique hotel?

Whatever your tastes are, the hotel market in Prague is very interesting.

And, If you can't decide or need help, just let me know.

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More About Czech Republic

But, maybe you are asking yourself questions about Czech Republic?

Where is Czech Republic? ... What is it known for? ... What are the people like?

No problem, I will introduce you to beautiful Czech Republic and its culture.

Did you know the Czech Republic is... 

  • considered part of Central Europe?
  • Prague is located further west than Vienna
  • as a whole, Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other country?

These are just some of the facts you'll learn about our country.

We will also prepare you for a real Czech experience. Get ready for local Czech food and easy Czech phrases to prepare yourself for all things Czech.

You'll soon realize that our country is much more than the beauty of the capital. It's layered in a rich history with interesting traditions and an inviting culture.

explore. Eat. Sleep.

Oh, this city! How amazing it really is. Are you ready to come exploring with me?

It actually might be the easiest capital in Europe to walk and discover. It's compact, convenient and safe.

But, if you need anything along the way, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

One final warning... a trip here can be life changing, just look at me as an example.

I came here years ago, married, had kids, and never left ;-)

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