About Us and My Prague Sights

Here's a little something about us and this web site...

First off, My-Prague-Sights.com is run by two very real people - the husband and wife duo of, Dean and Martina. We have Czech and American roots with a traveler's itch thrown in to make things interesting.

Our family

We've both traveled extensively and we've both somehow managed hotels and apartments in Prague.

But after years of traveling and hotel work, we decided to slow down and raise a family in Prague - where Martina is from and in the city where we met.

But, in fact, it might be our children that finally gave us some real perspective about life and this wonderful city in which we live.

Raising them gave us the time and opportunity to be re-inspired by Prague - to open our eyes and really explore what's here.

We finally walked the streets not as hotel managers, but as grown children looking for interesting things and exciting unexplored spots, parks, buildings, doors, trees, etc., etc.

We've had experience answering questions from guests and visitors, but it was in this exploration vein that My-Prague-Sights.com was really born. So, in a way it's our subtle attempt at informing visitors while inspiring them as well.

Our little site is a work in progress, but it's a labor of love. It's something we are happy to share and update.

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About Us, the Update

It's been a few years since we started this web site. It has seen lots of ups and downs and plenty of twists by way work, personal life and big search engines like Google ;-)

This year we plan a new look and style to the web site. Dean will go back to his passions, photography and video. This means more short films, interesting photos (or at least he thinks) and less basic tourist info. We are also in the process of changing the design of the site, one page at a time.

We want to keep all the useful information here, but turn the site into something even more substantial and different. There are already too many sites that dictate where the main attractions are, where to eat and what to do.

Unfortunately, too often, they repeat each other and keep visitors in tourist mode instead of pushing them to be explorers. Maybe that's what we want.

But, really, we are just ready to see where this slight turn will take us. One hidden sight and Prague street at a time.

So that's enough about us. We thank you for visiting!

And, as always, your feedback and questions are welcome. Get in touch here.

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All the best!

Dean and Martina -- and kids, and dog!

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